Biliblanket Phototherapy for Rent in Miami-Dade & Broward

Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

Model: Wallaby 3

Jaundice refers to the yellow appearance of the skin that occurs with the deposition of bilirubin in the dermal and subcutaneous tissue. Normally in the body, bilirubin is processed through the liver, where it is conjugated to glucuronic acid by the enzyme uridine diphosphate glucuronyl transferase (UGT) 1A1. This conjugated form of bilirubin is then excreted into the bile and removed from the body via the gut. When this excretion process is low following birth, does not work efficiently, or is overwhelmed by the amount of endogenously produced bilirubin, the amount of bilirubin in the body increases, resulting in hyperbilirubinemia and jaundice. The effect of light on jaundice in neonates, and the ability of light to decrease serum bilirubin levels, was first described by Cremer et al in 1958.[3] This observation led to the development of light sources for use in the treatment of infants with hyperbilirubinemia, a treatment now referred to as phototherapy. Wallaby 3 Phototherapy System allows a mother to hold and even nurse her baby without interrupting therapy. At 7 lbs the Wallaby 3 is light enough to be easily transported with the baby. There is no infrared or ultraviolet light to harm the baby. Every aspect of this device has been designed to make it the most complete and most portable phototherapy system available.

HCPCS Code: E0202

Available in Miami-Dade and Broward


Nonin Continuos Pulse Oximeter for rent in Miami-Dade and Broward counties

Manufacturer: Nonin

Model:Avant 9600 Digital Pulse Oximter

Tabletop/Portable Digital Pulse Oximeter
The stylish Avant® 9600’s simple functionality, quick recharge, and extraordinary 115 hours of memory makes it well-suited for a multitude of applications. Incorporating Nonin’s proven digital pulse oximetry, the Avant 9600 offers concise performance combined with rugged durability. The 9600 provides a variety of display indicators to ensure reliable readings for easy patient evaluation. Flexible alarm management options feature locked, latched, unlatched and recall for customizable patient settings.

  • Easy-to-Use — Bright LED displays, large display screen allows clear readability from across the room.
  • Versatile — Adaptable from Sub-Acute to Emergency Room and everywhere in-between.
  • Powerful — Longest memory available for extended monitoring.
  • Flexible — Impressive battery life with a quick recharge & convenient AC mains power.
  • Intuitive — Three distinct icons offer helpful indications of signal status.
  • Convenient — Compact, lightweight & durable.
  • Superior Performance — Specified for use in motion and low perfusion environments.

Available probes:

  • Neonate
  • Infant
  • Adult

HCPCS Code: E0445

Available for local delivery Miami-Dade and Broward areas. Shipping available for all other areas.