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Patients Responsibilities

Patient Responsibilities


As a patient of our organization, you are responsible for the following:

  1. To provide complete and accurate information concerning your present health, medication, allergies, etc. when appropriate to your care / service.

  2. To inform staff member, as appropriate, of your health history including past hospitalization, illnesses, injuries, etc.

  3. To involve you, as needed and able, in developing, carrying out, and modifying your home care plan, such as properly cleaning and storing your equipment and supplies.

  4. To review the organization safety materials and actively participate in maintaining a safe environment in your home.

  5. To request additional assistance or information on any phase of your health care plan you do not fully understand.

  6. To notify your attending physician when you feel ill, or encounter any unusual physical or mental stress or sensation.

  7. To notify the organization when you will not be home at the time of scheduled home care visit.

  8. To notify the organization prior to changing place of residence or your telephone number.

  9. To notify the organization when encountering any problem with equipment or services.

  10. To notify the organization if you are to be hospitalized or if our physician modifies or ceases your home care prescription.

  11. To make a conscious effort to properly care for equipment supplied.

  12. To notify the organization of denial and / or restriction of the organization’s privacy policy.

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