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Bill of Rights

Patient Bill of Rights

 We believe that all patients receiving services from Pedi- Care Plus Inc. should be informed of their rights. 


Therefore, you are entitled to:

  1. You have the right to choose your home medical equipment / supplies provider.

  2.  Receive reasonable coordination and continuity of services from the referring agency for home medical equipment services.

  3.  Receive a timely response when home care equipment or additional information is needed or requested.

  4. Be fully informed of policies, procedures and charges for services on equipment, including eligibility for third party reimbursement.

  5. Receive an explanation of all forms you are requested to sign.

  6. Receive home care equipment and services regardless of race, religion, political belief, sex, social status, age, or handicap.

  7. Receive proper identification from personnel providing services.

  8. Participate in decisions concerning home care equipment needs, including the right to refuse service within the confines of the law.

  9. Be treated with dignity, courtesy, and friendliness and have your property respected.

  10. Have all of your records (except as otherwise provided for by law or third party payer contracts), and all communications, written or oral, treated confidentially.

  11. Have access to all health records pertaining to you and the right to have your records corrected for accuracy.

  12. Express dissatisfaction and suggest changes in any service without fear or coercion, discrimination, reprisal, or unreasonable interruption in service.

  13. Receive information on mechanism for receiving, reviewing and resolving your complaints or concerns.

  14. Be assured that all staff, honors your rights.

  15. Be informed of your responsibilities regarding home care equipment and services.

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