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Knee Walker Scooter

Keep Weight Off Your Foot or Ankle After Surgery

What is a Knee Walker Scooter?

Steerable Knee Walker  is a great way to get around and keep weight off your foot or ankle after surgery or injury. Even works well for patients with a cast or ankle brace. The DV8 uses front wheel steering and there is a handbrake on the handlebars.


Adjust height to your comfort Knee-rest and Handle height easily adjustable for user preference (no tools required).


  • DV8 has a 250-lb weight capacity, yet weighs only 22-lbs.

  • Leg Pad with “channel” provides added stability and comfort.

  • Tiller folds down for transport or storage.

  • Easy to use, positive-feel handbrake gives you peace of mind and confidence  to roam about.

  • Handbrakes have locking parking-brake to lock in place.

  • The universal Knee-Walker folds up for compact storage.

Knee Walker


How to Use

Watch this short video to see how the Drive Knee Walker can help you!

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